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So far so great for us. We are enjoying having clean healthy water. The tech makes or breaks the relationship with any service company. If you have doubts about your water quality, have it tested and learn what options you have to better your situation.

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I would highly recommend. We are extremely happy with our new water filtration system. No more lost time descaling the house. Our water is now soft. You couldnt ask for better customer service and follow-up.

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Culligan has been so great to work with and make it so easy by giving online payment and auto draft as an option, sending delivery reminders And letting you easily update your order as needed. And obviously Having fresh cold water at all times is a life changer!


Forever Chemicals In Arkansas Drinking Water

Polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS), also known as ‘Forever Chemicals’ have been found in the tap water of various locations across the United States, including parts of Arkansas, there’s a valid concern about potential exposure and its long-term effects on public health. Monitoring and managing PFAS contamination in water sources is crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

PFAS are persistent chemicals that can accumulate in the human body over time through exposure to contaminated water, food, or air. These substances have been linked to various health issues, including liver damage, immune system disruption, thyroid disorders, and an increased risk of certain cancers.

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The Best Water Softeners and Water Filters in Northwest Arkansas

With this combination of water resources, Northwest Arkansas water quality often faces our share of water filtration and treatment issues:

Surface water, like rivers and snow melt, absorb contaminants that can be harmful for consumption as well as annoying around the home. Most of these contaminants include naturally occurring bio materials and minerals. This means water quality can worsen seasonally when warming temperatures contribute to algal blooms, or heighten water sensitivity to microorganism growth.

Ground water presents its own treatment challenges and filtration issues, so Northwest Arkansas residents with primarily ground water service may see different water problems than those using water from Northwest Arkansas’ surface water sources. Most often, these manifest as hard water problems which cause buildup on faucets and fixtures, and can be hard on appliances and plumbing.

Arkansas Drinking Water Made Better, with Culligan

Beaver Lake is the largest source of drinking water for much of the Northwest Arkansas area.  Tap water originates in a select few water places, surface water sources, groundwater sources, or a combination of the two. Beaver Lakes, being exposed to the open air, is a surface water source.  Because that is what comes out of your tap, it is important to be aware of the common issues that surface water experiences.

Surface water, such as lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and similar water sources, is more susceptible to contaminants than its underground counterpart.  Because it is exposed, it is prone to attract impurities such as litter, bacteria, microorganisms, and algae.  These types of sources are also vulnerable to agricultural runoff, which can contain pesticides  While this typically gets filtered out at your local municipal water treatment center, it can drastically affect how your water tastes and smells.

If you’re worried about your water, look no further than Culligan of Northwest Arkansas. Your water is our only business, and making it high-quality and better tasting is our goal.  With over 80 years of water treatment experience, we hold more patents on water treatment equipment and processes than anyone else in the world. And with talented, homegrown water treatment employees from the Lowell area, we have the local knowledge of our area’s specific water problems and needs.  Whatever the issue, we will make sure that you, and your home, have the best water possible!